Amazon Forever: L'âge de l'innocence / Amazon Forever. 2004. HD.

Nicolas is a young adventurer filmmaker. He arrives in an Indian village in the heart of the Rio Xingu valley with the aim of shooting a documentary there about an ancestral tribal ceremony, Kuarup.
He immediately falls in love with Luacema, the daughter of Chief Ayupu. Watched over by Roberto, the director of the Toa Toari reserve, Nicolas and Ruben, his guide as ridiculous as he is incompetent, settle in the village. In order to get closer to the woman he secretly loves, Nicolas slowly integrates into the villagers’ daily life. After being initiated into local customs, he is made aware of the threat weighing on his new friends and the woman he loves: deforestation.
Ayupu then drags him into their struggle against loggers, responsible for the devastation of the forests that date back to the Palaeozoic era. After several intimidation tactics against Olympio Ferra and his men, Ayupu realizes that Nicolas’s camera is a formidable weapon that could be put to use for their cause.
They leave together for Rio de Janeiro where they hope to be able to impress upon younger generations the danger hanging over their environment and their future.
Nicolas finds the heroic strength to transform his unrequited love for Luacema into a desire to protect her people. This Amazonian adventure gives a meaning to his life and propels him into a fight against ignorance and reckless destruction around the world.
Director: Jean-Pierre Dutilleux.
Cast: Aurélien Wiik, Chief Ayupu, Murilo Elbas, Tapi Iawalapiti, Assalu Mehinaco, Rodrigo Penna, Jose Steimberg, Anna Carolina Vigo, Leo Mehinaco.
France, Brazil, 2004.
Language: English, French, Portuguese, Tupi.
1280x720 HD
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