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Anthology of short films.

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Bare en lek / Just a Game. 1996.

Vinner av Juryens spesialpris av Drama Internasjonale Kortfilmfestival, Hellas.
Filmatisering av novellen Mannen i Buskene av Nordisk Råds Litteraturprisvinner Merethe Lindstrøm.
Fluenes herre i i pubertal taktil jenteversjon. En lummer dag på stranden vikles en gruppe jenter inn et nådeløst spill over makt og seksualitet.
Ledet av en bråmoden Lolita stereotyp i utleverende sølvbikini går de på jakt etter en kikker i buskene. Alle jentene raskt med på den aggressive leken. Den eneste motsatsen er den sky og filmende Benny. Hennes amatørfilming bryter med filmens villede glossy forherligende stil.
Hva skjer idet de finner en mann i buskene?
Hvor langt klarer leder Eva å presse de andre?
Stoffligheten i filmen gjør ubehaget enda større. Klebende sand, skinnende hud, blinkende vann. Nærbilde av slurpende munner. Maur over ansikt. Mørke grumsede undervanns scener.
Director: Ellen Lande.
Cast: Alexandra Aga Ulvestad, Maria Sand Gustavson, Ingar Helge Gimle , Renate Hast, Camilla Vislie, Eline Smith.
Norway, 1996.
Language: Norwegian.
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Molt. 2018. FULL-HD.

The summer sun sets in rural Appalachia as 12-year-old Cadie and her neighbor, Sarah, redefine their friendship on the eve of burgeoning sexuality.
Director: Nathalie Álvarez Mesén.
Cast: Ewan Fleck, Cece Kelly, Kinsey Kunkel, Rohan Myers.
France, Sweden, 2018.
Language: English.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
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Bleue / Blue. 2021. FULL-HD.

An island, a marine cemetery, a 13-year-old girl, Lucie, who spends her holidays in Corsica. She meets Leo, a strange dehydrated boy who has an animal need to bathe, but she is afraid of the sea. It hovers over their teenage games an atmosphere bathed in innocence and mystery.
Director: Ornella Pacchioni.
Cast: Camille Stromboni, Marcu Antone Albertini.
Drance, 2021.
Language: French.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
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Temporada de ranas. 2017. FULL-HD.

Es el verano del ‘94 y la hora de la siesta en un pequeño pueblo. Delfi y su primo Toto juegan en la quinta de sus abuelos. Los días transcurren con normalidad, hasta que la leyenda de la “Luz Mala” parece haberse vuelto realidad. Delfi deberá enfrentar sus miedos con la complicidad de Toto.
Director: Florencia Momo.
Cast: Delfina Iraola, Tomás Iraola, Martín Miller.
Argentina, 2017.
Language: Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
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Matías y Jerónimo / Matias and Jeronimo. 2015. FULL-HD.

ES. Matías y Jerónimo se conocen desde la infancia. Su amistad, una fuerte alianza, mezcla de juego y deseo, cambia la noche en que van al carnaval. Juntos presencian cómo un grupo de jóvenes le da una paliza a un chico gay detrás de las gradas. No dicen nada de lo que ven, y el silencio da paso a la distancia entre los amigos.
EN. Matías and Jerónimo have known each other a long time. Their friendship is a mix of fun and desire, but everything changes the night they go to the carnival and they see how a group of hooligans beat a gay dancer. guy behind the scene.
Director: Papu Curotto.
Cast: Rodrigo Coutinho Da Silva, Gabriel Rost, Regina Lara Do Santos, José Sandoval, Ivan Colunga, Sergio White, Rodrigo Benitez.
Argentina, 2015.
Language: Spanish.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
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Beppie. 1965.

1. "She was ten years old and was a ray of sunshine from the canal where i lived. A true Amsterdam girl, both sweet and mischievous like a monkey." Beppie recounts her adventures to filmmaker, who follows her through her daily life in the city. In the course of her stories, she talks to us about life and death, television, love, and money.
2. BEPPIE is a moving and disarming portrait of an Amsterdam street urchin. Van der Keuken once described her as follows: 'She was ten years old and the joy of the Achtergracht, where I was living at the time. An Amsterdam child, sweet and crooked as a corkscrew.' He films her while she skims the city with some friends and knocks at strangers' doors. Her family has nine children and is not well off. In those days, a visit to the De Miranda swimming pool cost a quarter, but only ten cents if the weather was bad. At school, Beppie gets a poor mark because she is too boisterous, but when the whole class rattles off the multiplication tables, she joins in at the top of her voice. All of TV-watching Holland was wildly enthusiastic about this portrait, with which Van der Keuken even made the front page of the national newspaper De Telegraaf.
Director: Johan van der Keuken.
Cast: Gerda van der Elsken, Ed Van Der Elsken.
Netherlands, 1965.
Language: Dutch.
Subtitles: French.
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Munted. 2011. HD.

Innocence and prejudice weave together in a child’s story of betrayal.
Munted is an unusual story about an accusation of pedophilia and its terrible consequences. Set in 1961 in a remote rural community, it tells the story of a ten-year old girl and her friendship with a brain damaged artist. Told through erosions between film and drawing the film is a lyrical and brutal account of the cost of rumour and prejudice.
Set in the early 1960s Munted is an unusual film that tells the story of a mother who returns to retrieve Katrina, her almost feral daughter, from her sister’s farm. When it is evident that her sister is not going to give the child up, the mother’s attention is drawn to the child’s strange relationship with a brain-damaged botanical artist who rents a small cottage on the property.
Across the years of her childhood Katrina has befriended this man.
The artist, who can barely speak, paints delicate if somewhat discordant pictures of the world that surrounds him and it is via these that the story is told. For the first part of the film we are not sure of the safety of their relationship, but following a revelation, we see the cost of rumour on the innocence of their world. As an accusation of pedophilia takes hold the film builds to a dramatic and unforgiving climax.
Director: Welby Ings.
Cast: Ella Edward, Phil Peleton, Tammy Lee, Lise Baldwin, Erroll Shand, Yvonne Stewart, Katrina Ings, Tess Renneberg, Kayla Renneberg, Amy Bridson, Nathaniel Lee, Brian Gordon.
New Zealand, 2011.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
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Вы здесь » Cinema Paradiso » Anthology of short films. » Anthology of short films.